Best Dallas Playgrounds

According to this news article, here are the top 3:

1) Liberty Park
1200 Mill Valley Road
Plano, TX 75075
(972) 941-7250
This community park has more than just a playground. With a shade pavilion, open sports fields and drinking fountains to quench your thirst from the sun, this park can entertain children of all ages, including you. This park prides itself in its playground, equipped with baby swings for your smallest little bundle of joy. Grab a picnic basket and head for the park. Liberate yourself from your house today and take the kiddos out to play.
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2)Pleasant Oaks Park
8701 Greenmound Ave.
Dallas, TX 75227
(214) 670-0941
Surrounded by trees, this play area is equipped with slides, swings, a climbing net and even a swimming pool. It’s a great way to get the family out of the house and out of the sun. No more worries about your child getting hurt while playing in the playground. There are separate play areas for your little ones up to the older kiddos to insure the safety of your child. This top-rated playground is worth the visit. So have a pleasant day with the family and play at Pleasant Oaks Park.

3) Greenville Sports Park
Leo Hackney Blvd.
Greenville, TX 75402
(903) 457-2994
Hidden away near Greenville High School in the Greenville Sports Park is Aunt Char’s Kid Zone. Bring a picnic basket because there are plenty of tables in the shade for a restful lunch while you’re out and about. If you’re trying to find somewhere for your little ones to expend some extra energy, this is the place to go. With slides, swings and sand to play on, your little ones will have a blast. From castles to climb on to rings to hang from, your kiddos are guaranteed to get quite the workout. So go visit Aunt Char and take the whole family.
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Heres’s a few more good playgrounds according to this Dallas playgrounds article:

A. R. Schell Park in Plano
2305 Laurel Lane
Plano, TX
Safety Rating: A*

Adventure World Playground in North Richland Hills
7451 Starnes Road
North Richland Hills, TX
Safety Rating: A*

I’m very biased towards some of the Plano playgrounds that are near public schools north of Dallas.

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Top 3 Hoverboards for Christmas 2016

Top Three Hoverboards For Christmas 2016

The hoverboards craze is taking over in the market and Christmas season is right around the corner. Family and friends will be looking to get a good purchase themselves when it pertains to hoverboards. Now, the question is, which one should you be going out to get? Which option is going to run well and meet all of your requirements?

Three hoverboards are right on top when it comes to this question.

Let’s take a look at each one and what it provides.

1) Swagtron T1

This is a well-designed machine that will be a great addition to anyone’s collection. This is a nice gift because it’s build quality is impressive, and you can tell the attention to detail.

Pros: 8 MPH Max Speed, Easy To Use For Beginners, Lightweight

Cons: Wheels Could Have More Grip, Harder For Taller Riders

These are the pros and cons of this product, but it is right up there with the best.

It is an exceptional product, and one rider will have a good time with as they are moving from one place to another on top.

For a gift, this is a nice buy.

2) Razor Hovertrax 2.0

The razor-sharp design is the first thing that will catch your eye with “Razor Hovertrax 2.0′. It is an excellent option, and they’ve refined it since the first model.

It is a striking hoverboard that will capture the attention of everyone when it’s being used around town.

Pros: Easy To Use, Easy Mounting, Beautiful Design

Cons: Battery Life Could Be Longer

This is a robust option and deserves its spot in the top three as of right now. It is a fun hoverboard and one that has a lot of choices available to those who want a customized solution.

3) Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

Do you want an affordable, high-grade hoverboard that is not going to put a dent in your wallet? Well, you will know the “Powerboard by HOVERBOARD” is the way to go then in this top three.

It is a great option for anyone.

Pros: Low Price, Impressive Battery Life (6 Hours), and Responsive Turning

Cons: No Beginner Mode

This is the one hoverboard; you will be able to get behind and enjoy for a long time to come. It is the perfect gift as you are looking to find a good deal that’s going to work out for everyone.

These are the top three hoverboards for Christmas in 2016, and you will be able to bring a smile to the person’s face when you put this under the wrapping paper. Who doesn’t want to get a hoverboard for Christmas? These are trending on the market, and you will capture everyone’s attention with one of these hoverboards.

Take a look at the options, compare them, and then make a purchase based on what you think will work well for your situation.

Each one has a plethora of benefits and will work well as a gift during Christmas season.

Electrical Repair Services

Electrical Repair Services To Consider

Electrical repairs are needed from time to time. You won’t be able to get away from them. It is important to make sure the repairs being done on your property are completed by those who are trained. It will save you the hassle of having to go back and repair the systems again because the first time didn’t work out.

Here is more on what you will receive with the right electrical repair services in this day and age.

You will be mesmerized by the quality you are going to attain in the long-run.


The technicians that are going to come in will have to be well-trained. This is a must for anyone that is putting money into new repairs and wants it done the right way. You should not feel cornered by what is in front of you. You should feel confident the service, and its professionals will do a great job.

This service is going to make sure anyone that comes to your property is going to be well-trained and is ahead of the game when it comes to what they know and how to make things better.


The service is going to be insured, and that is going to help out a lot in the end. You want to feel secure with who is coming in to help you out. There is no purpose behind going with those who are not insured because you are taking a real chance by doing this.

You want to go with those who are well-insured and are going to put in the hard work you want them to.

An insured company is going to be one that not only works well with the system but makes sure they are paying attention to everything as well.


What about the speed you are going to receive from the service? Do you want to go with a team that is not going to be rapid with how they are installing and repair a system? You want to have the electrical system repaired to how it was as soon as possible.

You should not be made to wait at all because this is only going to bother you and is going to be a real waste of your time in the end.

Look to be smart about your investment and consider choosing a repair service that is ahead of the curve with its speed.

Equipped With Knowledge Of Modern Systems

It is not just about the systems that have been used in the past. It is about newer systems that are coming into the market now. Are you going to want to select a team that is unaware of the possibilities? It is a risk and one you don’t want to be the one to take.

instead, you should choose a trained service that has the know-how to deal with these modern systems and make it look easy at the same time.

Stop going to electrical repair services that are not looking to help you out and are instead in it for the money. You want to go with those who are accredited, well-trained, and reputable. This is the package you want to push for, and you will be able to get it as long as you are going with the right team.

We, at Honest Things, are aware of high quality Electricians in the North Dallas area of Richardson Big State Electricians.

This is the option that is going to stand out for you and your electrical systems as you break down all of the options in front of you.

The days of relying on those who are not going to do a good job should be well and truly in the past.

Never Neglect The Importance Of Play For Kids

Kids need to play, and there are many reasons why this should be an important part of their upbringing and regular schedule. Unfortunately, it may be true that kids of previous generations played more than today’s kids. There’s a number of reasons behind this, ranging anywhere from ambitious parents to security and safety concerns to higher expectations of kids knowing the value of stillness and being quiet. However, if you are a parent or a child care giver, you should understand the importance of play for kids, for the reasons outlined in the following paragraphs.

First, playtime is necessary simply to reduce kids stress levels. Adults, especially those who do not have children, might scoff at this idea, but even being a kid can be rough. Bodies are constantly growing and changing, kids have very little control over their environments, and schools are constantly teaching them new things and testing them on it. Throw in learning about the world at large, and you can see (or remember) that kids are actually working all the time. They need playtime in order to release the tension from all this.

Second, playtime is essential when it involves other kids. How much of a kid’s interaction with other kids is during formal or structured events, like sports or school? Kids need to develop social skills with both genders, and this can really only happen during unstructured playtime that involves other kids.

Third, playtime is a chance to teach kids about being responsible. When they have time to play with playground equipment, it’s a chance to show them how to be responsible and also the value of cleanliness after the playtime is over.

Fourth, younger kids need playtime more than anyone so they can exercise their imaginations and their brains. A lot of mental development occurs in playtime, as does physical coordination. A lack of playtime can actually stunt the growth of a child, even if some feel that time might be better spent learning something academically or practicing an instrument.

Fifth and finally, and perhaps the greatest reason of all, playtime is a chance for you to spend time with your kids. In many cases, they’ll play while you have work to do, personal or professional, but not all the time. A child’s time with his or her parent or parents is valuable, and they’re not children forever. A little playtime with your child is a bonding experience that benefits both of you, and also something you won’t have the chance to do forever, so make the most of their youth while it lasts.

Now you know five reasons behind the importance of play for kids. As more and more schools cut into their recess time, or eliminate it altogether, it’s critical that this lack of free time and unstructured play be balanced elsewhere. It’s up to parents and child care givers to make sure that the young ones they are responsible for have enough time to play and be kids while they’re still kids.

yucky mosquito biting

The Best Natural Mosquito Repellents

Don’t let mosquitoes ruin your summer. Instead, try one of these natural mosquito repellents to stay bite-free all summer long.

Essential Oils

There are a variety of different essential oils that are highly effective at repelling mosquitoes. You can experiment with several different blends to see which one gives you the best results. Whichever oils you decide to try, make sure to dilute them in a carrier oil before applying them to your skin. Alternatively, you can make your spray-on bug repellent by mixing the essential oils with witch hazel. Here are a few different oils that you may want to try:

Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil. This oil is reported to be as effective as DEET in repelling insects. The only downside to this particular oil is that it is not recommended for use on young children. However, for older children and adults it can be a highly effective product for keeping mosquitoes away.

yucky mosquito biting

Rosemary Essential Oil. Mosquitoes are not fans of rosemary. In fact, areas, where live rosemary plants grow, are free from mosquitoes. You can take advantage of this plant’s natural pest repellent abilities by using its essential oil to create a homemade spray or skin oil.

Citronella Essential Oil. Touted for their ability to keep bugs at bay, citronella candles have been used to deter insects for years. It only makes sense, then, that citronella essential oil would be equal as effective at getting rid of mosquitoes. Again, you can dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil or add it to witch hazel to make a homemade bug spray.

Protective Clothing

Wearing clothing that covers your skin is also an effective natural way to avoid mosquito bites. Although this is not always practical during periods of hot weather, on cooler days putting on, a long-sleeve shirt and pants can be a great way to keep bugs away. You can even look into shirts designed for outdoor adventures. Typically these lightweight, button-down shirts are made from breathable fabrics that protect the skin without causing you to overheat. Try checking camping or outdoor stores to see the various styles that are available.

Herbal Insect Repellents

You can also make your herbal insect repellents by infusing water and witch hazel with a variety of different herbs such as lavender, peppermint, spearmint, catnip, rosemary, sage, thyme, pennyroyal, lemongrass or citronella.

Simply boil a cup of water and add several tablespoons of whichever dried herbs you are using. Cover the mixture and let it cool. Once cool, strain out the herbs and mix the herb-infused water with a cup of witch hazel. To use it, just put it in a spray bottle and spray it on your skin as you would any other bug spray.

These are just a few of the best natural mosquito repellents available. You may need to experiment with several different options to determine which work the best for your area and your lifestyle. By mixing your insect repellent using natural ingredients, you can avoid applying harsh chemicals such as DEET to your skin.

Buy All Natural Mosquito Repellent

This is perhaps the simplest solution of all! Go to CedarCide’s Original Biting Insect Spray: They come highly recommended for combating mosquitoes and other annoying pests and they are very safe to use.